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About Satya MicroCapital Limited

About Satya

Satya MicroCapital Limited (Formerly known as TFC Finvest Limited) is a Delhi based “NBFC” which was incorporated as Limited Company in the year 1995. Now Satya MicroCapital Limited (SATYA) is in the process of deriving its status from NBFC to NBFC-MFI.

SATYA started its microfinance operations by adopting the “Joint Liability Group (JLG) Model” with adequate use of technology and new adaptations. JLGs of SATYA means implementations of Joint Liability of group members which exists up to 10 instalments in biweekly collections. The Company believes in the ideology to bring social touch and high technology in the Indian microfinance industry.

The JLG lending operation mainly focuses solely on women (in case of SATYA, their husbands act as co-borrower) through a credit product that allows them to start new businesses or enhance their existing businesses as well. SATYA provides prompt, convenient and affordable collateral-free credit to people at the bottom of pyramid through a strong credit assessment and centralized approval.

The Company has started its microfinance operation from Sikandrabad Branch, Bulandshar District of Uttar Pradesh and the first token disbursement was done on 1st November 2016. SATYA has utilized demonetization as an opportunity to rework on the business strategy through cashless collections and disbursements. SATYA is an institution build with a vision of change, transformation and will be a differentiator in financial inclusion space and its approach is well recognized by industry experts and professionals across different sectors. SATYA is committed to be a socially responsible organization with focus on Nasha Mukt Samaaj, Gender Equality, Swachh Bharat and Digital India. The Company is spreading social awareness massages in its area of operation and with passing time, will adopt few more programs which are valuable for the society.

SATYA has established 30 branches in 30 Districts in Seven States (Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand).

We are committed towards creating livelihood through entrepreneurships by progressing with Trust, transparency, strengthen our teams, by creating a niche with technology and spreading new learnings at every step and each level. We are promising everyone’s happiness and that’s our motto:

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः

Soul of Satya

SATYA’s Soul is represented by 5 Ts, which are as follows:

To develop a relationship of Trust and Truthfulness within the ecosystem of SATYA.

Aiming to develop a transparent culture across the

To follow the values of “Team Strength” and promote “coordination and cooperation” in all verticals.

Nurturing SATYA through cutting edge technology in real-time data, reducing TAT and moving towards paperless

Capacity Building and social awareness programs for all stakeholders of SATYA